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Smart-Trac V3 - A New Era in POB Software

Mustering software

In 2016 EPIC introduced version 3 of our industry leading POB and mustering software system. Developed using the latest software technologies, the system has been improved in almost every area.

The main noticeable change is the graphical interface (GUI) which has been brought right up to date with a slick modern feel. However, when you look below the surface, there are some major improvements including the following functions:

  • Evacuation Management
  • Unified Muster Screen
  • Onshore ECR View
  • Automatic Reporting
  • GPA Auto Muster
  • Lone Worker Warning

The software engine is also brand new. It is now based on SQL database structure and utilises API plugin modules to allow for expansion and future development with ease. To allow the new software engine to flow, we have also upgraded the hardware that drives it, but we remain with proven industrial technology to ensure both redundancy and reliability through our network.

Also on the hardware front, we have introduced new technology to our line-up including Real Time Location Services (RTLS) to allow for pin-point accuracy of tracking and locating personnel. We have also introduced Zone Control to monitor hazardous or secure areas to ensure the correct personnel are present, which is ideal for ensuring multiple work orders don't conflict with each other or making sure the personnel have left an area in an emergency. You can now synchronise different servers which allows multiple sites to manage their own POB while viewing other sites in the complex.

The new Evacuation Management system is designed to ensure that in an emergency and when you require to evacuate personnel from your site, you can safely manage lifeboats, helicopters or any other means of removing personnel. Then as personnel have safely left the site, your POB total will reduce showing you have accounted for these personnel. To aid with this, OIM's/Masters/Site Managers can now use mobile tablets to monitor musters and evacuations allowing for even more flexibility.