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UK North Sea

In my capacity as a platform OIM on various installations and HUC OIM on several projects, my greatest priority during an emergency situation is to account for all personnel on the installation as safely and as quickly as possible. In my experience, I have found over time that the EPIC Smart-Trac swipe card system has been the most efficient safe system to enable me to do this. The system is easy for one and all to use, easy to interrogate and in a muster situation, gives you a constantly updating picture of the number of people accounted / not accounted for in real time. The system also provides easy access to identify missing individuals by name when necessary, allowing focused attention to the individuals last known work area by search parties etc. Reliability of the system is second to none, most issues found are down to the human machine interface aspect. I have never been let down by EPIC Smart-Trac, with some projects involving 500+ personnel, being able to account for them all within 20 minutes, usually less, makes the management of the remainder of an emergency situation a lot easier and a lot less stressful. I would recommend EPIC Smart-Trac as the system of choice for all POB management and electronic mustering needs.